nbkArchitects are known for producing something different and, again, here it is.

The massive bulk and scale of this 1970s heavyweight could have played against the last 30 years of lighter contemporary design styles, however the Architects have used this to their advantage.

The building has been completely stripped back to its concrete frame, and the new design look has played back into the heavier style and craft of the late Architect Sam Stephenson, with a new industrial-garage style of Architecture. But that’s not all, the garage look is further mixed with a clean top end Italian wall panel for something very new, with custom terrazzo floor tiles manufactured specially for the One Building, enhancing the level of finish at every stage through the building.

Everything about this building is different and the detail must be seen, with the inovative glazing and core design that delivers the visitor into the clean open plan office plate. The uninterrupted horizontal glazing spans almost four metres which allows for exceptional views of the city and brings the Docklands into the building.

The One Building is now unique in Dublin and the design commands attention from all those who understand new design ideas and attention to detail.